Food and Beverage

China is the world’s largest retail market in terms of retail for food and grocery – larger than the United States. The market has grown substantially and continues on an upward curve currently. FYI, the US is the largest exporter of food and beverage products to China, followed by Brazil, Canada, Argentina, and Malaysia.

Shangding International has in-depth knowledge in this sector and can provide valuable assistance to food and beverage producers intending to access this vast marketplace.

The Chinese food & beverage industry has grown at an average annual rate of 30%, which has created total production value of the industry of over USD $1.2 trillion (€897 billion). Continuing at this rate of expansion, production value currently will exceed USD $1.6 trillion (€1.2 trillion).

Specific product sectors include meat products, alcoholic drinks, dairy products, jams and preserves, and much more. Products unique to country-of-origin, such as Canadian maple syrup are especially in demand by Chinese consumers.

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