Industrial Services

Starting with product development and going all the way to product launch, Shangding can help your business create, develop, and manage industrial products for the global marketplace. Shangding International is based in the heart of Asia’s technology and manufacturing hubs, utilizing and conducting detailed research from the ground up.

We can help your business by suggestions on improving products and setting proper price points. You can trust Shangding’s team for the best and most current guidance.

China also boasts the fastest growing consumer market in the world. The country is the largest exporter of goods and services in all major industry segments, including manufacturing, telecommunications, and agriculture, to name but a few.

In the manufacturing area, China is a world-leader; goods that include electronics, computers, textiles, chemicals, steel, iron, toys, as well as ships and aircraft. Manufacturing is the single largest sector in China’s economy. In fact, China manufactures about 50 times more personal computers than the rest of the world combined.

Shangding can help your company enter the Chinese manufacturing sector by providing key services and informed research in any sector. Our on-the-ground experience is second-to-none, as is our depth of research thoroughness.