Sourcing Services

Shangding International is your sourcing expert in Asia for industrial equipment, supplies, consumer goods, and many more products. We employ all our sourcing capabilities for our clients.

Shangding specializes in sourcing products that can be imported from Asia at the best price possible, the highest quality available, and with the minimal risk to you.

It is challenging for many global import companies to find the right products at the right price. That’s where Shangding comes in. We are ready to assist small, medium-sized, and new importers in sourcing products from Asia and thereby avoid unnecessary risks.

Services include product sourcing, price negotiation, production management, quality control inspections, arranging and managing shipping and all logistics.

Check with us for our pricing in respect to sourcing services. You will be pleasantly surprised how reasonable it is and how effective Shangding can be. We are eager to make your business a Shangding International client.