Toys and Games

Shangding International’s expertise in the toy and game sector runs deep. Recognizing that China is a major toy producer, Shangding estimates that approximately 80% of all toys produced worldwide are manufactured on the mainland. There are many categories of toys, such as electronic, mechanical, plastic and wooden toys, models, licensed toys (including movie spin-offs, cartoon characters, etc.), dolls, high-tech toys, educational toys, internet-connected toys and toys for adult recreation and entertainment.

Shangding has observed that as urban dwellers’ incomes rise and quality of life improves, the demand for toys is growing rapidly. Approximately 236 million children on mainland China are under the age of 14. Hence, the prospects for continued growth in this sector remain excellent.

The bulk of toy exports are produced OEM for foreign brands, an area of Shangding expertise.

We can also act as your source of toys and games or as your business’s representative in selling your products to China. Please refer to our Selling to China page here. Our intimate knowledge of the huge Chinese toy manufacturing sector enables us to deliver the very best products for your business needs.

Traditional sales channels for toys include modern shopping centres offering international brand-name toys; supermarkets and grocery chains which are important for medium-to-low priced toys; and wholesale markets.

Whether you are interested in OEM opportunities or simply selling your products in the Chinese marketplace, Shangding is are ready to help.